Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh chaturthi or vinayagar chaturthi was celebrated very grandly. Ganesha made a quite entry and HE looked stunning. The Offerings to Him or neivedhya came out well. Posted a few pictures of the Idol as well as the dishes. The Idol will be Home for 3 days and will be given a tearful farewell on Monday.
The visargan or the immersion of the Idol in a pond/river/lake/sea is a celebration in itself----------
I made quite a few dishes for Ganesha---

  • Sweet Modak
  • Savoury Modak
  • Chickpea Sundal
  • Medhu Vada
  • Sweet Rice (made out of Jaggery, Poha/beaten Rice and coconut

Because of the time constraint, could'nt take pics detailing how i made them. Will blog about the dishes one of these days.... Watch out !
Wishing Ganesha Brings loads of happiness and prosperity to all !!!


  1. wow, tht looks great priya- you have made a feast for Ganesha :)

  2. Hi! Really Grt. Ur pictures are good.Ur pilliyar is very good.Keep it up.