Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Morekootan (Curd based Coconut Gravy)

Born to a Typical Tamil Iyer Family and married to a Palakkad Iyer I literally have the best of both worlds! This I realised even more with the diffent dishes I have been introduced to by my husband after marriage. One of the staple dish on any tamilian's menu card is more kozhambu (Buttermilk based gravy with vegetables and gram flour/besan). This gravy is watery and my mother makes it the most yum and i remember me and my sister digging in to it and giving a damn if we would pile calories !!!! But the palakkad iyer's (The keralites have a thicker variation called Kalan) have a way with all the dishes. They add coconuts to make it not only more loaded but also yummylicious. So this dish the palakkad iyer style----------


  • White Pumpkin (200gms), a few pieces of potatoes (to appeal to my daughter's eating sense)
  • Turmeric Powder (a big spoon)
  • Coconut
  • Black Pepper (a few, or depending on taste)
  • Green Chillis (a few)
  • Curd
  • Coconut Oil, Mustard, Urad Dal, FenuGreek Seeds, Curry Leaves,  Pinch of asafoetida-------for Seasoning

Wash and cut the white Pumpkin in to small pieces and pressure cook the same with a big spoon of Turmeric Powder. 

Now for the gravy grind the coconut, green chillis and black pepper to a fine paste with curd. 
Mix the boiled vegetables to this gravy along with salt and bring it to a boil.
Season it in coconut  oil with mustard, urad dal, a few curry leaves along with fenugreek seeds and a pinch of asafoetida

The morekootan is ready to be served with steaming hot rice. The dish if very thick can be watered down a little (optional). Morekootan can be made with potatoes, raw bananas, yam etc--


  1. Hi Gayathri,

    I hope i got your name right!Nice recipe dear!!Keep on writing!!

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  2. thanks sameena ! and i am Priya not gayathri,
    love your posts too!!!!