வணக்கம்   नमस्ते  ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ। Ola  Hello

A Warm welcome to my space where I pour my hearth & heart adventures. I currently stay in Trichy (Tamilnadu, India )

Who am I :-

I am Priya Sreeram - Chef, Recipe Developer, Author & Photographer of this blog. An enthusiastic foodie, who loves to experiment with a variety of  cuisines and constantly seek to bring a fresh twist to classic recipes. Born in to a Tamilian family, raised by the most wonderful parents and adored by my little sister Suchitra (who incidentally blogs @ Flavors), my world was eons away from kitchen & cooking. Now a SAHM for my 2 kids, I have put my career  in accounting & finance on hold to bring them up. Getting back to work is an option in the future but I have no regrets with this longgggggggg sabbatical. I also blog at Straight from my heart which has our travel footprints and some random musings.

Why this blog :-

My affair with the apron & knife began (10 yrs ago) after marriage and it was not a happy start. Anyone who knows me well will remember me as the person who did not like cooking. Even making tea was a huge task for me & everyday cooking was a challenge. All changed slowly and steadily when I truly learnt that the way to my man's heart was also through his stomach and from then on there was no looking back. Fortunately or unfortunately my hubby who is from the Hospitality field encouraged me, stood by me and bore the brunt of my cooking disasters during the earlier years and is my critic these days. 

The food blog which happened at a time when I had a few very turbulent storms to weather was also instrumental in turning me in to a decent baker. The blog chronicles my growth as a chef, food photographer & stylist and most importantly as a person.


I am blessed to have a loving,wonderful and supportive spouse who is my back-bone. My 2 little dumplings - our Joy & Pride make my world perfect !

Contact me:-

I would love to hear from you all ! Do you have an opinion about my blog, any suggestions to make it better or you simply want me to float on clouds by praising my work - feel free to contact me. I also review restaurant, product and books.

My E-mail ID : priyasreeram1505@gmail.com
FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/priyasreeram 
Twitter Handle : http://twitter.com/priyasreeram

Hope you have a tasty journey in to my blog. Burrrrrp!


  1. wow when did u do this..it is really nice of you to have this section. great going.

  2. @ian - laks thanks; was in draft mode for quite some time, finally published it yesterday ! just some straightforward blabber :P

  3. Lovely one Priya! That was a free flowing write up!
    Glad that I can put a face behind this lively space :) Love the pics..
    its still 11:54..5 more mins to end the day and one more point for pleasant thing is added to my day :) you pic! :)

  4. @Bharathy - thank u ; hugs & cheers

  5. that was a lovely post on "About me" Priya ! loved reading this section.. And lovely pics too - hugs to the kids !

  6. @ Kalyani - thank you so much dear !

  7. Priya, I enjoyed reading about you! You do have a way with words and I am happy you mentioned your other blog - You have visited all the temples I long to see - maybe one day we'll get together and do a kshetradam?
    And that Suchitra of Flavours is your sister is BIG news to me :) How lovely is that!
    keep blogging for a long time! I will be checking your other blog frequently too

  8. @ Now serving - thx a ton gal; yup suchi is my lil sis :)
    Amen to your kshetradam thought and hope we meet some day & paint the town red. Wishes,love n hugs to u <3

  9. Hey nice to know you Priya, you have a lovely space..will keep coming back for some yummy south indian recipes, I love eating south indian food. Thanks for following me on twitter :)

  10. Priya nice to know about you and your kids are cute :)

  11. r u from tirchy?where?i am also from trichy.a new food blogger

    1. yes gal; from woraiyur - where u from? keep in touch

    2. I am from Bikshandar kovil near uttamar kovil.Sister will u support me in this world?

  12. Hi,

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    1. Hello R,

      Thanks for the message. It would be a pleasure to be associated with you. Do let me know how we can take this forward !


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