Thursday, April 26, 2012

Onion-Olive-Tomato Tango with Snackuits (A Guest Post by Suchitra for Day 1 of the Snacketeria Fest)

My review of the 50-50 Snackuits was liked by many and I was delighted when Britannia gave me an opportunity to invite a few fellow bloggers to weave something magical around it. By now, many of you must have tasted Snackuits or at-least would have heard of it; the baked wheat thins that's storming the snacking experience gets a glamorous makeover in the hands of 4 talented home cooks aka food writers

I am very excited to present the SNACKETERIA FEST - a 4 day celebration of the thins, from bloggers (including me) who I guarantee had a blast experimenting and devouring. The aim is to think out of the box and bring an epicurean element to gorging on the baked wonders; to simply transform the munching from Nice to WOW !!

The first blogger to do us honors is Suchitra @, Flavours - a passionate foodie and a lovely friend, she chronicles her hearth adventures with a refreshing simplicity.

Presenting to you Suchitra in her own words
The other day, I was delighted to hear from Priya, a fellow blogger and a wonderful human being about the event she was holding for her blog. The task sounded simple and I was upbeat about it. With a bit of imagination and good support from Priya, here I am with my recipe/review of Britannia’s snackuits. Would take this opportunity to thank Priya & Britannia for my post.

Binging, snacking whatever you want to call- I simply love it! You get the picture; I am not someone who shies away from a good snack even on a full stomach.  And every single bite I take, I have this twinge of unshakable guilt. What if you could enjoy snacking without a complete feeling of guilt? Well that’s how these snacks are positioned by Britannia- as a snacking guru, I got to taste these wonderful little flavorful snacks and here is my verdict-  I love it!

Britannia has a winner with these snacks considering the whole hoopla about health snacks in Indian market.Britannia’s effort to entice the audience with three international flavors- Italiano Pizza, Chinese hot & sweet, Swiss cheese and chilli will not go in vain. However, for me, what worked the most was the Italiano pizza flavor. I am partial to Italian food, perhaps! With a heightened sense of garlic, this snack was the most appealing of the three. And the least favorite is the Swiss cheese and chilli- Cause, this reminds me of sour cream and onion chips that’s already in the market. So, nothing special about it. Chinese hot & sweet has oriental flavor written all over it and I wouldn't mind emptying the packet in a jiffy. Would these flavors work for Indian market? Oh yes!  People may be partial to one particular flavor but these baked goodies are a hit 

So coming back to some whacky and funky ideas to gobble them up, oh I have some good suggestions-
You can dunk it in a sauce, crumble them in your salad, top them with veggies and spices of your choice or eat them plain. Flavors hit you at the right spot especially the Italiano pizza snack! 

 Since these biscuits are flavorful, they would work great in a onion-olive-tomato tango treat. Blends perfect with all the three biscuit flavors. 

Onion-Olive-Tomato Tango with Snackuits

  • 1 small red onion (chopped fine)
  • ½ cucumber (chopped fine)
  • ½ firm tomato (chopped fine)
  • sliced olives (black) 1 tbsp
  • 1 green chilli (optional)
  • ¼ tsp of roasted cumin powder 
  • Olive oil to blend all the ingredients

Since we are going to use tomato I would advise you to blend the biscuits towards the end. Otherwise it would get soggy and lose the essence. In a bowl, mix onion, cucumber, tomato, green chillies, olives together. Add cumin and olive oil. Before serving, add a packet of Britannia Italiano pizza biscuits, give it a good toss and watch it vanish in front of your eyes like magic!

You could be super creative and try out different things with these biscuits- Look who had fun of her own with these biscuits-