Saturday, February 12, 2011

Molten Chocolate Baby Cakes

Nigella Lawson thrills me with her cooking and I just love her approach to food.Most of her recipes are easy -to-cook dishes and very importantly she makes us believe we can pull it off !
I make Chocolate Brownies regularly and they turn out delicious but i feel it is a little time-consuming ! Here comes Nigella's Molten Choco Baby cakes which are mini brownies of sort  that are not only sinfully decadent but quite easy to assemble and in a matter of  20-25 minutes (including the 10 min for Baking) you are in Heaven !!

After eating the beauties i could only say -- Death By Chocolates !!

What goes:- (Prep Time : 15 minutes, Baking Time :-10 minutes)

  • Butter (Unsalted)  - 25gm ( + a little more for greasing)
  • Dark Chocolate - 200 gm (i used Cadbury's Fruit  n Nut)
  • Powdered Sugar - 75 gm
  • Eggs 2 
  • Salt - a pinch
  • vanilla essesnce - 1 tsp (optional)
  • Plain Flour - 25 gms

Preheat the oven to 200C and grease the cake moulds !
Roughly chop the chocolates for the melt ! 

melt it by double boiler method (or microwave) and as it simmers get the other ingredients ready !

Cream together the butter and sugar, and gradually beat in the eggs and salt, Add the vanilla essence and give it a quick whisk ! By this time the chocolate would have melted, allow it to cool a little. Now add the flour and mix the batter well

Pop in the cooled chocolate and blend it thoroughly !

Divide the batter between the  moulds ( i got 4 baby cakes)

Bake in for 10 minutes and the delectable beauties are ready to be tucked in !

The Crusty outside and the gooey inside seduces the taste-buds like nothing else !!

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  1. they look lovely dear...yummy

  2. chocolate lovers ultimate dream. delicious

  3. OMG... I just want to gobble them down...

  4. creamy and soft the texture.thanks for sharing...

  5. Priya... that was a good one. I am not sure how it goes for me, First I need an oven and second I am not sure it turns a cake or a residue for trees and plants... "my preparation" :) kidding... at least i never had to do it anytime

    Lets make this recipe available for my amma and let her do this for me. meanwhile I will buy cadbury chocolates and a cake from the shop and eat them simultaneously to get the taste. hows the idea :)

  6. Priya, this is real treat..:-)
    Yummy yummy...

  7. perfect step by step demo and mouth watering chocolate cake.

  8. This is a real treat for chocolate lover. Yummy!

  9. so decadent! love it any time with some icecream!

  10. DELICIOUSNESS! Thanks for linking to my event xoxo

  11. I love this ooey gooey wonder anytime.

  12. oh priya, the cakes rock- and you are seriously getting fab with baking!

  13. Wow simply superb.. Can I have some?:)

  14. irresistible chocolaty cake ... juts perfect for V day

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. molten chocolate is a inner all the time!

  16. these looks yummy lovely choice of chocolate

  17. wow, this looks superb and scrumptious and creamy and ooey n gooey..yum yum :)

    US Masala

  18. i love chocolates! very delicious pictures!buy desserts online

  19. i was always confused what chocolate to use in definitely try this!!