Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midnight Masala with Oats & Tomatoes

'If we're not supposed to have late night snacks....why is there a light in the fridge ?'

~This quote fits me and how! I love late night snacking. I get booed down when I talk about my late night e(at)scapades. But then the thrill of gulping down that solitary scoop of ice-cream at an odd hour is too irresistible. I am happy to add that I have a solid partner-in-crime happy times! Who else but my Hubby Dearest. He has genuine (?!) reasons for snacking. The thing is, he comes home by 11:00-11:30 P.M and is generally game for some light snacking and occasional heavy stuff. He is however not the anytime and every-time peanut butter / nutella licking species and hence {not surprisingly} his tucking in at odd hours does not affect his waistline. Yours truly however has no such luck. All the late night hungry pangs rains havoc on my not so bulging curves. I can vouch that the nutella & peanut jar cans are such vicious seducers.  Sigh! Hubby and me also enjoy some healthy and ready in a jiffy yummies. Sample this - Masala Oats & Tomato juice. 

One of our favourite dish for that late night digging in is; this full on combo of masala oats & tomato juice. Ready in 10 minutes, the dish is a winner! So this weekend when a hunger pang hit me, I was quickly dishing out this healthy yet tasty dish. After doing full justice to the dish and the drink, I quickly got started doodling  as I remembered the doodle contest at Blogadda. Let me clarify that I am not a doodler; however a little prompting, a lot of creative inputs and a slight nudge from hubby resulted in these doodles!

The best part about the dish is that all the ingredients are very pantry friendly and yes the weighing scales will not complain either :D (wink! wink!)

And here's me settling on my favourite couch with my late night snack buddies! Health = Guilt free Indulgence indeed ! Enjoy the dishes; what are you waiting for - go make the dishes and dig in!

My doodle recipe is part of Easy Doodle Recipes Contest at Blogadda in association with