Sunday, September 16, 2012

Britannia Treat Fruit Cream - Product Review

My daughter loves cream biscuits and "Treat" from Britannia is one of her favourite. When the new range of treat fruit creams hit the market she expressed her interest to taste them. So imagine her joy when we received a courier containing these delights. She is a huge fan of the strawberry flavor and was delighted when she  saw not one but 3 flavours vying for her attention including her favorite one. Whooping with joy she attacked the tasty treats right away. 

One of the popular brands of Britannia, Treat cream biscuits is a kiddies delight.
Why kids ? - it appeals to the kid in you and me and rains down sinful flavours down the throat. Britannia Treat is not new to the market. It has been around for a decade delighting us with some interesting flavours. The Biscuits and confectionery major has relaunched its treat brand of biscuits with Ice Cream Flavors. 

This range promises to take the breath away from the market captured by Oreo (Kraft Foods). The brand is promoted much like its competitor; you can sizzle up the ice creams/milk shakes by adding your favourite treat fruit cream and thus further pep up the palate. It's super smooth creamy texture doubles up as an ice cream treat. 

There are 4 yummy options to pick from 
  • Tangy Orange, 
  • Sizzling Strawberry
  • Tasty Mango &
  • Delightful pineapple
How does it look  ? 
The biscuit has a star shaped window on top that gives a sneak peek in to the delightful cream inside. It is also Stylishly packaged.

How does it taste ?
All the flavours are equally enjoyable. It promises the thrill of licking in to an ice cream. Fans of the treat cream won't be disappointed.  I especially loved the orange and the pineapple flavour. The tang from the biscuits compensated the overtly sweet cream. 

What does it cost ?
The biscuits come in attractive prices and is available in 5/-, ` 12/- & ` 25/- packs. In essence something for everybody

Serving Suggestion :-

Savour it just like that or add to ice-creams and milk shakes for double the fun !

Thumbs up to the fruit cream treat because :-
  • Hungry ? - Just bite in to it . It comes across as an anytime snack.
  • Stylish packaging
  • Smart marketing similar to oreo 
  • Prized easy to appeal to the mass
  • Universal appeal cutting across all ages
Final Word :-

For all of you who have always loved the myriad offerings of Britannia Treat this is another reason to indulge and celebrate. Though the flavours taste a little artificial and are not high on nutritional value, the aim is to capture the hearts of kids and adults alike and it manages to do just that. We would have also like a few more varieties. It is a creamy masti alright. Go ahead and indulge

Thank you Britannia for sending me the biscuits for the review. The views expressed here are completely my own.  


  1. lovely post... i too love cream biscuit...
    n this looks so tempting me... surely ll have it..

  2. Love this post and u reminded me my childhood... Will always lick away the inside cream and give/throw away the biscuits :)

  3. Very interesting review, cant wait to get some from India.