Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spaghetti with Dried Basil and Grilled Cheesy Tomatoes

There are days when I don't want to potter around the kitchen ; neither does the tingling warmth from the burner pep me nor does the clanging of the pans and the buzz of the sizzling spices excite me. While a few of those days covet for my undivided attention towards the must-watch flicks, a few others lure me with the promise of engaging reads; to put it simply I don't want to cook. But, the tummy doesn't understand this - the slowly growling belly starts rumbling steadily and as the time ticks on it starts sending you howlers indicating that it needs to be fed and nourished. There is of-course the simpler option of ringing up a near-by restaurant to deliver something piping hot. However, if you just prefer to not loosen the purse-string then this bowl of hearty chomping is a life saver. Without much time in the hearth, the dish is a perfect sunday afternoon lunch. Grab the to-read fiction or prop yourself dainty before the idiot box along with a cool glass of Lemon & Ginger and you are all set to indulge yourself

Inspired from a recipe from the lady behind the Noble Pig , the pasta was a delight. What's not to like - cheese,tomatoes, pasta and some more cheese :P
Grilling the chunky slices of the tomatoes with the cheese warms up the heart.Cook the pasta as per instruction on the pack and toss it with garlic infused olive oil and you are all set for the magical afternoon.

The spaghetti I used was Wholemeal and that promised to kick in the health buzz.
What's in it (Serves :3)

How to :-

 Cook the pasta according to the package directions; drain and set aside. 

Preheat the oven on the grill mode. Meanwhile, arrange the tomato slices on a lightly greased baking pan. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the slices liberally with the cheese gratings. Grill until the cheese is bubbly and golden for a few minutes.

In a small pan, warm the oil with the garlic and the chilli flakes over medium heat until fragrant for a minute or two. Tip in the dried basil and give it a good swirl. Season it with salt and pepper and add the pasta. Toss to combine.  Serve topped with the grilled cheesy tomatoes, dried basil, olives and more cheese.


  1. Nice yummy dish. Loving all the flavors

  2. Oh Simply superb Priya. Naaku ooruthey.

  3. Very nice recipe..loved the presentation.

  4. Looks so yum. I wish I can have some.

  5. Looks yummmm...
    you have a lovely blog here, Priya..following you now :-)

  6. Super like this combination and the recipe:)

  7. Hi Priya,
    That is a good dish which I haven't tried yet.
    I am good with oven and was successful with the two recipes I have tried on it. Let me see if this works for me.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. I love this dish! so satisfying and delicious!

  9. Oh yes! I will take all of those tomatoes!!!!

  10. This is a fine feast, Priya and we have been enjoying this kinda stuff all summer thanks to the abundance of tomatoes from mon jardin :)