Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flaxseeds & Coconut Granola (0n a Stove Top)

A whole lot of things on my plate right now and hence the blog's complaint of me MIA is totally justified. Make no mistake, my hearth is on fire and we are cooking and eating delicious food, however the zest for clicking and blogging about it has taken a back seat. Hoping to inundate the blog with fine recipes in the near future. 
On a healthier note, I was delighted to receive a big packet of flaxseeds from my mom & sis. Rummaging the bookmarked recipes, Sangeeta's Flaxseeds Granola caught my eye; the best part of it is that is is pan cooked and can be made in a jiffy. Her suggestions and pointers for the recipe had me nodding my head vigorously and hence has been duly noted in this post.

Coming to flaxseeds, this nutritional powerhouse is rich in antioxidants and can effortlessly blend in to the day-to-day cooking adding a pleasant nutty flavor to the dish.The granolas with it is a keeper recipe as it is sure to keep your appetite satiated.

What's in it :-
  • Flaxseeds meal - 250 grams (Whole flax seeds ground into a coarse powder)
  • Coconut meal - 150 grams (Dry Kopra, sliced and ground to a coarse powder)
  • Oats - 50 grams (I used quick-cooking ; toasted lightly for a couple of minutes)
  • Jaggery - 250 grams
  • water - 1/2 cup
Also Keep a plate/tin adequately greased

How to :-

Keep the ingredients ready. Tip in the water and jaggery in a wide pan and turn on the heat in high flame so the jaggery melts and starts bubbling.This syrup needs to cook till it gets frothy and starts rising up the pan. 

As soon as you see the jaggery syrup getting frothy and rising up the pan, lower the flame and tip in the coconut meal . Mix it well to ensure the coconut meal fuses into the syrupy jaggery. Let the mix bubble once again. Tip in the flax seeds meal and mix thoroughly. Take it off flame. The mixture becomes almost crumbly and hard to mix, use some muscle so that everything blends well. Lastly add the toasted oats and mix once again.

Dump the contents in to the greased plate. Flatten with the help of greased knife. Wait for a few minutes before slicing them into required size. 

Tips & Pointers :-
Breakfast gets a cool make-over with these granolas. A cup of milk and a big slice of this bar and the morning's never been any better :)
This granola is a healthy & tasty travel-chum. Wrap it up in butter paper and you are all set.
It is a cool recess snack for kids. Also your mid-night cravings need not be sinful any longer
4.You can add some dry fruits or nuts to the recipe.
Keep it stored in an airtight container and it stays good for a fortnight.

The bar sets after some time and you should be able to slide the knife gently and lift them up. 



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