Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Curry Leaves Chutney - A Guest Post by Priya Mahadevan - Blogger of the Month

Food Blogging opened up a vista of gastronomical delights like nothing else. It is with awe, I look in to fellow bloggers thoughts on food, their presentations skills, styling of food and most importantly their nuanced interpretation of  a variety of dishes and I lap up them all with utmost glee. In my effort to understand the person behind the blog better, I intend to bring a host of bloggers to my space ; their guest post would shed more light on why their blogs inspires us all. 

Titled Blogger of the Month @ BON APPETIT , every month will see a different blogger sharing their thoughts and enriching my space with their delightful post. Also, I will be posting a recipe or two from their space that caught my eye.

The first in the series is Priya Mahadevan @ Now Serving. A dear (virtual) friend,not only do we share our first name in common but our daughters share their first names too ! An unconscious and instant connection formed between us and I could think of only her to do the honour of green lighting the Guest Post series in my blog. 
What I genuinely love about her blog is her unique & inventive hand behind the dishes. Constantly she rustles up many wonders in her hearth, while other times the classic recipes are given a funky healthy twist. And most importantly her jazzy & earthy narrative is like a cherry on the ice-cream !

Now I present to you Priya Mahadevan in her own words:-

A vast expanse of garden with lush vegetables of all kinds, the beautiful cauliflower nestling deep in the middle of long gray-green leaves, broccoli heads, the late bloomers the cabbage looking perfect, their every leaf so masterfully draped, overlapping to give it is a beautiful floral appearance. And then there’s radish gone twisty, snaking out to present itself. Turmeric plants – Now that blew me away – truly – My eyes feasted on my sister’s garden – This to me people, is paradise!  Simply divine – So here I am in Delhi, jet-lagging like the Dickens and trying to keep my restless mind occupied at 3 am :)!

Amid all the other unmentioned beautiful things that grow in my sister’s veggie patch, there are scattered plants of curry patha – what can be dearer to an southie like me than to see our favorite garnish just growing with gay abandon? They ask to be picked, washed, dried, and chutneyfied!

I saved this post for my great blogging buddy Priya Sreeram – besides blogging, our names and our daughters names, there was an instantaneous connection between the two of us, like old souls :) I enjoy reading her posts and I think she does mine. Some bonds are mysterious but we revel in them. Perhaps one day soon, we will meet in person too which would be absolutely delightful.

Anyway, as I was saying I was saving this for Priya because she is starting a new Guest Series of her favorite blog (hmm hmm :))on her fabulous food blog, Bon Appetite and she gave me the honor of being her first guest – How cool is that?

Priya and many of you who been following my posts know that I am big advocate of healthy food, home gardens, and vegetarianism :) – This post seemed an appropriate one to share as a guest post, because it endorses all the above values I espouse.

I am sharing pictures of my sister’s garden, the curry plant and the chutney.

Hope the aromas of it will waft to your nostrils as you read the post and you will be tempted to make it with, lets say, some pongal or mix it with rice and sesame oil. Don’t forget the appalams :P

Thank you Priya for your sweet invitation to do this post for you – I am flattered, honored and thrilled! Love, Priya.

Curry Leaves Chutney


  • Fresh, thoroughly washed curry leaves about 10 stems ( or as much as you see in the picture)
  • 2 tbsp Urad Dal
  • 1 tsp of sesame oil (+1 for tadka)
  • A pinch of hing (asafetida/peringayam)
  • ½ lemon sized ball of pitted tamarind
  • ½ tsp of powdered jaggery
  • 3-5 dried red cayenne peppers (adjust according to heat and preference)
  • Salt to taste

For Seasoning (optional)

  • Tadka if you like with a tsp of sesame oil, cumin and mustard seeds


Wash wash wash the leaves and dry out in a kadai or dab dry with paper towels
Soak tamarind in hot water and squeeze out the juice – use this water for grinding
In a tsp of oil, golden fry the urad dal and chilies.Grind to fine paste adding all ingredients.Takda/Season if desired.
Enjoy with a multitude of foods !
 A happy and healthy new year to all 


  1. Happy New Year and chutney looks delicious ........

  2. Happy New Year Priya ...gud start to the year ..chutney looks gud

  3. Wonderful and healthy Post. A good start and a Happy new year to both the Priya(s).

  4. Thank you again, my dear and all the very best with your event.
    Btw, I am unable to see any picture except for the first one - is it just me?

  5. Lovely Post...A very aromatic Chutney

  6. @ Now Serving - Priya I am not sure why you are unable to see pics; no complaint recd so far. Do check it later n lemme know

  7. Lovely guest post..both of you are great bloggers and its a real joy to see Priya being featured at Priya's space :)

    Btw I too cant see the pics except for the first one :(

  8. @ priya @ raji; problem resolved, u must be able to view the pics

  9. Wonderful authentic recipe. Love this chutney with tadka..Yummmmy

  10. Love this guest post from one Priya to another. Looks absolutely yum. The Southie in me is thrilled. Wonder what my Maharastrian/Goan husband will say about this one.:) Hee will try it out soon.

  11. love this guest post from priya.delicious traditional recipe!!

  12. Happy New Year Priya.. .Chutney looks awesome:)

  13. A wonderful post! i agree that Priya of now serving is so creative in whipping up dishes!

  14. I agree on everything that you said about Priya !! Will only add that she is one of the warmest person I met (and I haven't even met her !!)..the chutney looks delicious and healthy it is..there's no doubt on that one!

  15. Wow this is such a nice event. And curry leaves chutney is looks delicious just like any of Priya's dishes.

  16. Kudos to u both, lovely guest post..Flavourful chutney..