Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Persistent badgering from kids and we finally flocked to the Robot Themed Restaurant @ Semmencheri on a balmy Sunday afternoon.  A Pan Asia Restaurant, the kick was that the food was to be served by Robots. My friends advised me not to saunter in without a call especially on weekends and we blitzed in after booking a table in advance. Without much ado we were ushered into the first floor to sample the hospitality of the gleaming machines.

 I quite liked the way, the order was taken via Tabs kept on every table. Once you click and confirm your choice, the order reaches the kitchen. And the dishes when ready, are picked up by the Robots and dutifully bought to the tables. 

The moment the robots come to the designated table they turn and wait for the dishes to be loaded down via the waiters lingering  helpfully and/or  ofcourse self service.

The sensors of the Robots deserve a special mention here as they can deduct if someone or something is before them and blocking their way. The kids were amused by the sad or the angry glare the robots assumed everytime something came before them.  

Food :-

Loved the mix of Chinese & Thai  on the menu. The eclectic mix of dishes we ordered was delivered promptly by the machines. Especially lip smacking was the Hot Basil Mushroom & Thai Green Curry (Veg). The pan fried momos was rubbery and Khao Pad Namprik (Veg) could have been better. 

Yays  & Nays

Yay to ~
  •  the unique dining experience.
  • the appetite rousing ambience 
  • the quick service
  • yummy Food

Nay :-

Why dress up the Robots in traditional garb ?? The need to indegenise the robots in the most cliched manner was a put off. To see these machines buzzing up and about in lehenga & sarees was strictly not up to my taste. May be, others feel differently about them but to me it was an eyesore.

Verdict ~

The restaurant, the brainchild of Venkatesh Rajendran and Karthik Kannan is quite a novelty in the Indian food industry. I have read about robots wowing one and all as bartenders in cruise ships and chefs in a few upscale hotels abroad and this promises to be a start of thrilling gastronomic adventures ahead. The overall dining experience was exciting and I believe these food serving robots will be a game changer for many an interesting gourmet experiences in the future.