Thursday, October 23, 2014

Britannia Nut & Raisin Romance - A Product Review

Sometime back I got a mail from Britannia, asking whether I would be interested in reviewing their latest offering - Nut & Raisins Cake. Well, I couldn't refuse, simply because I adore anything and everything that says "cake", and, of course, my kids are a huge fan of Britannia products! Another reason was that accepting to do the review would mean getting back to blogging and pay the richly deserved attention my blog merits! 

Cutting a long story short, the cake was delivered and promptly eaten and the need to post about it was forgotten. But then today, while flipping through the channels, I saw the ad for the cake and immediately remembered my promise to review the cake. And so here it is...

Browsing through pinterest the other day, I came across a quote that said,

"Fabulous is health, happiness, home and cake ". 

Well to me it sums up life beautifully. My earlier posts are an indication of my love for cakes and my son gets this 'genetically biased towards cake' syndrome from me! So the cake had to be reviewed.

How does it look ?

When a package screams Nuts & Raisins Romance, it literally sings paeans to eternal romanticists like me. So when the package arrived all dolled up in a shimmery brown & gold with cute lil doodles adding a quirky charm; it was a 'wow' moment indeed. I loved the nice packaging of the cake which was encased in a thin plastic case. The cake itself looked hot in dark brown and a pleasant nutty aroma wafting through it, spelt romance. The package clearly mentions the ingredients along with the nutrition information/100 gms and other mandatory details.

How does it taste?

The blurb on the package promises a rich & delightful shower of almonds and raisins whilst the orange peel in it suggests a burst of citrusy freshness. I loved the fact that every bite of the cake gave a surge of raisins & almond. However, my taste buds did complain of dryness in every bite. Whilst it cannot be denied that artificial flavours are required to prolong its shelf life, it did play havoc with the moistness and the taste. 

The cake was a nice tea-time companion.

What does it cost?

Priced moderately at INR 50/- the cake is a rich addition to the variety in snacking. 

Serving Suggestions:-

Indulge in it as such or pair it with your evening cuppa. It also acts as a wonderful recess snacks for your kids.

Thumbs up to :-
  • On-the-go snack
  • Mass appeal to kids & adults
  • Good idea for entertaining guests
  • Can serve as an ideal product in gift baskets
Final Word:-

All those moments of what to eat at 4 P.M that hits my kids regularly was driven away by a generous slice of the cake.


It contains eggs, so it might be a deterrent to Vegans, Vegetarians and anyone who does not eat egg. My hubby also felt a strong taste of the egg in the cake and didn't enjoy it very well.

Thank you Britannia for sending me the cake for the review. The views expressed here are completely my own. 


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