Monday, December 16, 2013

Around the world with the Tadka Girls - A review and the Irish Soda Bread

It's no secret that I am an avid reader. Add to it the fact that besides the usual fiction stuff, I also hoard cook books like there is no tomorrow. No wonder that the modest looking book shelf I have croaks and groans pitifully every time I add to its bulgy self. Can you blame me for that? Flip-kart & ilk have made buying books so easy that every fortnight or so there is some worded happiness delivered to a grinning me. Recently I came back home to a devilishly smiling hubby who had taken the day off. He welcomed me with an impish look. Wondering what was all the smiles about, I looked at him suspiciously.He told me merrily that 3 books (Millennium Trilogy) which I had ordered had come and was waiting for my attention in its new home. And then my trouble smelling sensors were up! What do I find. Hubby had carefully cleared my wardrobe and transferred all the books in to it. I was amused thoroughly. Yeah, my wardrobe got in to a not so satisfying shelf but the books now have a bigger and better home. It could only mean one thing- that I could get back to my ordering spree and I did exactly that! And guess what I ordered??-- Around the World with the Tadka Girls.

Ranjini & Ruchira the popular food bloggers go by the peppy name 'Tadka Girls'. R&R are passionate foodies and are close pals to boot. They bring their love for food and their exposure to a wide palette to pen this book. I am no stranger to their recipes - their blog Tadka Pasta is a well liked space. The book is a charming collection of over 80 recipes. Each recipe is penned delightfully and is pepped up with a small tale, an interesting anecdote or a fond memory.

The book gives a lively and aesthetic visual appeal and like the authors put imparts a scrapbook-esque feel. Their 'Where do I start' gives a quick run through the recipes and 'How to use this book' is welcome. The contents summarizes the recipes into funkily titled broader sections such as Funnibles, Fiesta Fare, Bites & Brews etc. The Glossary at the end and the measurement cheat sheet at the beginning is welcome.

Coming to what I dished from their interesting array of recipes - I am a hesitant baker and more so of breads. Their non-yeasted Irish Soda Bread from the section 'Bread Basket' appealed to me and that's what i made. The raisin speckled bread was rustic and earthy. 

Unfortunately the power died out on me after 22 minutes (the recipes says anywhere between 25 to 30 minutes). The bake could have done with a 3 to 5 more minutes on the oven but it did not take away the flavour and taste.

The ingredients were all pantry FRIENDLY and the recipe itself was a breezy preparation.

Here's my little one relishing a slice of the bread with a generous smattering of chocolate sauce.



  1. the bread looks really good... had seen the review on My Diverse Kitchen yesterday... now I feel like ordering one copy for myself as well... hmm...

  2. Priya! Thank you so much for trying out a recipe from our book. We're so happy that you liked it! Stay in touch!