Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Melting Moments - The Buttery, Crumbly Delights

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself"
- Albert Einstein
Simplicity attracts me and I totally dote on all things free of fuss and unassuming. There is a certain understated elegance about keeping things simple. For instance, a hearty morning walk is enough to rejuvenate the frayed nerves and set a happy course for the day. Don't believe me ? Why not don the sneakers and exit the confines of your home early morning? Staying happy n healthy is that simple ! It is so true and poignant when Da Vinci says that 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'
However, in this complex and over-demanding environment, there is a constant urge to assuming complexity for staying ahead. So much that, we forget all the simple pleasures of life. Ditch the clutter,stay positive and yup Keep It Simple Silly !

I assume the same state of mind as regards to cooking too. For me dishes that are fuss-free to cook hold a special place and when the theme for this week's Avant Garde Cookies was Cooking with 5 or less ingredients you know who was grinning ear-to-ear :P

Melting Moments is something  I love baking. These cookies literally crumble in to your mouth and hence the name. I have so far been using corn flour to give that melt in your mouth texture, however, when I saw Julia Taylor's (Masterchef Australia Season 4 Runner Up) recipe with custard powder, I itched to make them and man the bake was a runaway hit !

What's in it :-
(Makes:20, Prep Time: 15 to 20 mins,Bake Time: 15 mins)

Here's How :-

Preheat oven to 180 C and keep the baking tray ready.

Cream the butter till it is light and fluffy. Tip in the custard powder and icing sugar .
Sift the flour along with the baking powder and dunk it in to the dough and mix till well combined.

Bake for 12-15 minutes or till the moments turn a  golden hue.

Verdict  N Useful Pointers:-

Absolutely delicious ! You can also put the dough in to piping bags and give different shapes to the cookies . Or how about  adding cocoa powder and turn them in to  chocolatey melting moment. Sandwich them with jam and/or creamy vanilla icing just like julia did to elevate them to a different high. Dust them with icing sugar for a blissful eating digging experience :D



  1. Looks delicious.. Very tempting..
    Would love to bake this sometime.

  2. wooow....drooling here..Looks awesome n so tempting!!!

  3. Loving its crumbly texture... Yummy cookies

  4. Amazing looking cookies!! Tempting! :)

  5. Sure looks melt in the mouth...very YUum

  6. this is awesome priya... i never thought cookies can be made with 5 ingredients and that too divine ones like these...

  7. Want some of these now!! they look melt in the mouth good!

  8. Damn cute and highly addictive cookies, well done Priya.

  9. OMG what a weird coincidence. Today in the morning I was thinking about melting moments and then I head over to your blog, and look what you have here! Melting moments were probably the first things I ever baked, when I was in 7 or 8th standard for Diwali. I don't remember the recipe but it was from this Singaporean cookbook my mom had. I don;t think it used custard powder but would love to try this recipe out. Pinning it!

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great one!

    I shall surely try this and also will pass on this recipe to a dear friend who is always looking for such easy peasy recipes yet very tasty delicacies.

  11. I've seen the name written as Melting Movements in some bakeries. The ones I ate were rough and never melted, and had coconut in them, which, for me in cookies is a big no-no!

  12. I too have tried hers last month and the kids just loved it. they got over so fast before I could click them. I can totally understand these cookies being a hit.

  13. OMG I love the texture of these cookies...I'm gonna try it ...love it

  14. That looks divine!!! Priya, I would love to have your eggless version of the nutella cookies - personally I am happier without eggs ..

  15. lovely and crispy cookies

  16. Cute & lovely delights, am going to try these soon for my kids :)!