Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sticky Date & Nut Squares (No Bake Delectable Delight)

When life gives you dates, you make these delectable date fudges. Had a few friends visiting us the last weekend and my pantry ended up with a good stock of extremely tasty Dates. These dates were Lion's Dessert-King Dates and they were luscious and juicy.While they were truly good for munching as such, I ended up making these Energy Squares. 

What is not to like about Dates - the naturally sweet and chewy high calorie fruits are an abundant source of energy ! Do you know that the dates pack in more cell-protecting anti-oxidants than most of the fruits & vegetables ?

Of course my kids don't share the same exuberance when it comes to devouring the dates as such and this is when I chanced upon these energy bars @ Veg Bowl.
I instinctively knew that these squares would be a hit. I added some Cocoa Powder to the original recipe and the result was fabulous. 

Did I already tell you how addictive they are - as a breakfast power booster or for that something to munch noon time they are perfect. Or if you are like me and have those midnight cravings - the squares are god-sent !


Combine chopped dates, cashews & almonds in a food processor. Use moist dates for this recipe. Dried ones will not give the fudges the same zing.
Pulse and process all the ingredients together until the texture is coarse. Add little fruit juice at a time until it reaches a dry but moist dough consistency.

Scrape the mixture into a tin lined with aluminium foil. Press evenly with a spatula. Chill for about an hour or till it sets. Remove from refrigerator and cut into desired sizes.

This goes to Kalyani's Go Nuts, Guest hosted by Archana


  1. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Dates squares look wow! I am dates fan and definitely going to try this recipe.

  2. That is so easy not to mention healthy as well. Wonderful Snaps Priya.

  3. I too love to munch on dates as such...but these energy bars sure look very tempting and very easy too.

  4. Fantastic and quite addictive sticky squares.

  5. Beautifully made,looks fantastic.

  6. Wow!! yummy and no bake! perfect when in need of a quick dessert!

  7. Yummy fudge dear..looks delicious n healthy,Priya:-)

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  8. A very nice evening snack---these date bars are sticky and naturally sweet too!!

  9. These look so great Priya....love the stickiness :-)

  10. Wow Priya these are super delicious. I am sure my hubby & I will love these. Kids no guarantee.Thanks for linking to the event.
    I am hosting Kitchen Chronicles Theme Go Nuts...Do send me your entries

  11. looking yummy.....very healthy squares too....First time here and you have a lovely space....Glad following you...Do visit my space when you find time :)


  12. This sounds and looks yummy. Next time the kids are home, they surely are going to taste it :)

  13. I love this recipe! This would beat the Clif Bars I eat during bike rides, hands down. I'm making these!

  14. Healthy looking dessert and looks like almost nothing to do !!! Thanks for posting Priya.

  15. lovely yummy recipe , I love dates as such :)


  16. honestly, I thought these were chocolate fudge! Fantastic clicks!

  17. Hey there! I don't remember how I reached your blog, but I am so glad I did. I love your blog totally, being the big-time foodie that I am. :)

    Blogrolling you. Will be back for more!

    I had some dates and almonds lying in my kitchen cupboard and was wondering how to use them. Came across this recipe just on time and made this delight y'day. Turned out yummylicious. We all loved it. Thank you so much for the simple recipe. :)

    1. thanks for all the sweet words thegalnxtdoor. Guess who's grinning ear-to-ear.