Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coriander (Cilantro) Rice - Simple, Tasty N Healthy

Mom's presence is weaving all the magic in the kitchen and the creeping bulges in my body are merrily making the most of it :P There is definitely something about her cooking that is prompting me to binge like there is no tomorrow. Guess the child in me has awakened. The sad part is my parents  are leaving tomorrow and the kitchen will miss her zesty touch. On a happier note, me donning the apron will hopefully keep the weighing scales dainty :D

Remember the  Mint & Cilantro Pulao, my hearth dishes out regularly. While that involves a considerable time, my mom's version without onion,tomato & garlic is a breezy preparation.

Coriander or Cilantro is a much loved herb in my hearth and its medicinal properties are well documented. Also, the herb's versatility needs no description.
Do you know that coriander is also regarded as an aphrodisiac ?

Tips & Useful Pointers :-

The spread/relish/thogayal need not be very fine in texture. A slightly coarse paste gives the mix a good pep.
The green relish with the herbs also doubles up as a spread for sandwiches or also can be used as an accompaniment to Indian Flat-bread/Rice. 
Any leftover rice can also get a dainty makeover with this spread-y paste. 

Here's How :-

Warm a skillet and dry roast urad dal and red chillis. Let them turn a golden hue and take them off flame.Tip in the roasted ingredients along with the tamarind paste and the coriander leaves in to a blender. Grind them to a paste of spreadable consistency with required water. Add  salt and mix well. In the same skillet, tip in the oil and let the mustard seeds crackle. Dump the ground paste and let it come to a boil. On a low flame let the paste simmer till the raw smell of the mix evaporates and the oil starts separating. The spread/relish/thogayal is ready.

 In a mixing bowl tip in the cooked rice and add the herby relish as required and mix well. Sprinkle the powdered groundnuts.The rice is ready to be devoured. Serve hot with choice accompaniments.



  1. My kind of food,definitely a flavourful and inviting dish.

  2. oh great, simple one, sounds delicious. loved the pics too.

  3. Looks yummy :) courier me :P

  4. I had no idea that coriander was an aphrodisiac, maybe that's why I love coriander! Haha! I love rice preparations like these!

  5. Sounds delicious. Looks good tooo.

  6. flavorful simple and delicious

  7. Wow! that looks so healthy and yumm. Never tried it. Love such changes from the usual rice.

  8. What a beautiful color for a rice dish...looks amazingly healthy and delicious!
    Glad you have been having a wonderful time with your parents :)

  9. Coriander is my favourite herb.. so this rice is definitely a must try! Am thinking I should add chicken! Time in mom dad land is always the best am glad u had a great time!

  10. Cilantro in any dish almost brings out such earthy fresh flavors! great recipe to dress up some left over rice in the fridge..

    Following your blog now Priya :)

  11. Super easy and super delicious ! Hope you had a wonderful time with your parents.

  12. Lovely colour! We used to get a coriander chutney in the hostel that I can't get over till now, I used to love it.