Wednesday, April 4, 2012


When the the aggressive campaign behind a product promises to celebrate the fun side of the so called boring 'homemakers' aka housewives, your interest is more than perked and you just want to see how the product fares ! Eating healthy is the new mantra these days and almost every F&B company is jostling to do something about the fad ; and so I looked forward to the courier package that gave me a license to sin-free indulgence ;)

Britannia in an attempt to make snacking guilt-free has introduced 50-50 Snackuits; paper-thin biscuits that have been baked to perfection. Having a strong consumer base for its snack/savoury products like 50-50, Time pass, Nutri-choice the company’s efforts to capture the attention of the health conscious is appreciative. 

The idea behind these baked goodies is to give a gourmet tasting experience and enable snack happy moments ! It shouts no trans-fat & zero MSG !

Snackuits is available in 3 flavours – Swiss Cheese & chilly, Chinese Hot N Sweet, Italiano Pizza. Cutting across the cuisines around the world, the blend of flavours is interesting. Promoting it as the in-thing to snack at all times, the product is targeted to appeal to the uber cool side of housewives.

The first flavour we tasted was the Chinese Hot N Sweet and as the name suggests the thins had a contrast of flavours fighting for attention. The crunchy bites was an interesting tasting experience though it did nothing to elevate my excited taste-buds.

Italiano Pizza was the second flavour we tasted and the biscuit was immensely loved by us. My daughter said it was like biting in to a slice of pizza and it cannot be denied; the flavours of pizza and especially that of oregano stood out!  A resounding thumbs-up to this addictive crunchies !

Finally we snacked on the Swiss Cheese & Chilly. The baked beauties delightfully spiced up with red chilli-flakes appealed to our cheese loving taste-buds.

Final Word :-

So does it stimulate the whacky side as promised ? --- Not completely but, Britannia has a winner as the snackuits are a definite fillip to their snacks section.Available in a 30 gram packet for INR 10, it indulges the consumers to finish the thins in one-go. Also available in a home pack of 50 grams, priced at INR 20/- the baked beauties is set to storm the snacking experience.      

Thank you Britannia for sending me the biscuits for the review. The views expressed here are completely my own.                                                                                          



  1. Awesome, the pizza ones look uber cool. can't wait to grab a packet from my store!

  2. Really love your frank opinion Priya...kudos to you and can't wait to come to India to try these snackuits.

  3. I love the product,wish I get it here!

  4. Love to have some, wonderful review, will ask my sister to send me some..

  5. Nice review! I will have to look for these, the Swiss Cheese and Chilli sound pretty good :)

  6. Why has the production of these super hit range of snacks been stopped? We all feel nostalgic looking at the pics..... :(