Thursday, June 23, 2011

Round-up of the Event Fast Food Not Fat Food # 3

Volume 3 of Fast Food Not Fat Food comes to an end ! Thank you Priya Mahadevan @ Now Serving for this opportunity and a hearty thanks to all bloggers who pitched in the entries !
I would have loved more vigorous participation from all of you, nevertheless the entries received have my full hearted recognition.In the event of my missing out any of your lovely dish, kindly let me know, will update my post asap.

Please accept a token of appreciation for all your efforts gals !

Now for the entries that had me hooked:- (in no particular order)

Raji @ Vegetarian tastebuds whetted my appetite with Baked Falafel 

Akheela @ Torview  sent this finger-licking Asparagus-Potato Soup that had me hooked rightaway !
asparagus soup.jpg

Rathi @ Kitchen Fever shared this yum looking Butter Beans Burgur

Sobha's  Good Food sent in Tortilla Pizza Rolls that looks very inviting
Pizza rolls.jpg

Gauri @ Pasta & Parathas pitched in Veggie Hot Dogs that looks ready to be slurped !!!

Vardhini's Kitchen made a smashing  low fat Potato-Au-Gratin

Julie @ Tasty treats sent in Kidney Beans Curry and it looks yum !

Priya @ Easy N Tasty Recipes had 2 lovely entries for the event - Apple N Oats Smoothie and Vegan Butter Nut Squash Soup
Apple oats smoothie.jpg  butternut squash soup.jpg
Prathima @ Prathu's Food World sent in a very interesting recipe with Jowar - Jawar Kudumu
Alka @ Dinner Recipes shared an Easy Veggie Pizza that looks very delish !
Easy veggie pizza.jpg

Priya Mahadevan @ Now Serving sent in Homegrown Luscious Summer Salad & Olive Houmous
072.JPG 019.JPG

My hearth had 3 entries for the event - Elbow Macaronis in Creamy Oats Sauce , Pistachio Cardamom Cookies & Pad Thai with Grilled Veggies in Green Curry Paste
Cheers and Cook Healthy- Eat Hearty-Stay Happy !


  1. wow...fantabulous collection of healthy n yummy recipes dear ..well done..:)
    Tasty Appetite

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  3. Nice round up...So many healthy recipes to pick

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Fabulous roundup, beautiful and well done..

  5. Lovely event and delicious collection of recipes...

  6. Hey, love the recipes. But, dear, is it just me that I don't get to see all the pictures. Please take a look.

  7. great round up, but couldnt see all the pics..


  8. delicious roundup thank you for the award posted in my awards page
    check out the event in my site

  9. Wonderfull roundup nice event I missed it great job......

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  11. wow what a great round up. Ia m bookmarking this page for future use!!

  12. hi priya, thanks for hosting a great round of this event and super round up dear :)