Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fast Food Not Fat Food # 3

I am thrilled to announce that Fast Food Not Fat food - an event very close to my heart and the brain-child of my lovely pal and soul sister Priya Mahadevan is happening in Bon Appetit from May1 - June 15 ! This event which was so far hosted by Priya, is going blog-hopping hence-forth. I am absolutely delighted that she thought of me first; to guest host the same!! 

This is the first time I am hosting any event and am thoroughly excited (yay!)

He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not - So says an Italian Proverb! 

The aim of this event is to encourage healthy food habits and in the process dicover fun ways of doing it.

The event needs no introduction and the rules remain the same - They are :-
  • Lacto Vegan Entries only Please (No eggs allowed). 
  • Up to 3 entries are allowed. Only those blogged during this period (no archived entries). 
  • Make your own healthy and fun dish or make any bookmarked dish explaining why it is healthy
  • Use of Logo is a must - link the entry to my announcement as well as Priya's Event Announcement
  • Send in your entries with the following details to
    • Blog Name & URL
    • Dish Name & URL
    • Photo
  • Non Bloggers Welcome - email the recipe details and photo
 So go ahead - cook healthy, eat well and flaunt merrily by making a beautiful post!

Looking forward to a Fa(s)t heap of Posts ! 


  1. Congrats on hosting the event! Sounds really fun!

  2. Yay! Awesome post Priya - I am so excited :)bon Chance, soeur de ma coeur ;))

  3. nice event..will send my entries..wonderful blog..following u :)

  4. great event..will send something

  5. Happy hosting Priya..looking forward to see some wonderful entries.

  6. sure would love to participate ....happy hosting dear...:)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. sounds exciting happy hosting! Gud luck!

  8. Looking forward to participating. Happy Hosting!

  9. Hi dear,
    I have posted the results of HRH-Puffed Rice event. Thanks for your delicious submission. Please accept the participation award. The roundup is online, check it out here...

  10. sure to send my entries too dear..