Thursday, September 16, 2010

Idiyappam ( String Hoppers)

A very popular Tamilian and Keralite Dish, also popular in Sri Lanka, idiyappam or string hoppers is variation of rice noodles. Served for breakfast, lunch or dinner , it is made out of rice flour, salt and water. It can be served with any curry/gravy like Vegetable stew/kurma or Potato stew, egg curry or fish/meat curry.

This is my first attempt at making these string hoppers. Though i have relished this dish many a times at restaurants and wedding celebrations, I have never made them at home. I had already prepared dum alu for breakfast. So for the curry to be served with string hoppers, I diluted the gravy a little bit by adding coconut milk and making it more watery.

Get these ready for the rice noodles:-

  • Rice Flour
  • Hot Water
  • Salt
  • Coconut Oil (Gives a distinct flavor)

Knead the rice flour in hot water along with some salt and coconut oil to a very fine dough.

The Idiyappam Maker --------

Now fill some dough in the Idiyappam Maker (or murukku nazhi ) 

Pess it/rotate it to form noodle like patterns on a muslin cloth over Idli Moulds. (My hubby helped me in making them )

Now steam it for 10-12 minutes and serve hot with curry.

Yummy String Hoppers are Ready !!

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