Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aviyal----- Vegetable Stew in Coconut Gravy

A very popular Kerala cuisine, Aviyal occupies a special place in our household. Aviyal is not only simple to make but also healthy. It is basically a mix of vegetables in rich coconut gravy. Different folks use different mix of the vegetables mentioned below. Some also add a piece or two of bitter gourd, brinjals etc---

* White Pumkin
* Yellow Pumpkin
* carrot
* Snake Gourd
* Plantains (raw Green Bananas)
* Elephant Yam (senai kizhangu)
* Yard Long Beans ( karamani/pachai payaru)
* Drumsticks

For the Gravy:-
* Coconut
* Green Chillis
* curd

For Seasoning
  • Oil (preferably edible coconut oil for flavour and taste)
  • Curry Leaves

Cut the vegetables in small pieces and pressure cook them with a little turmeric powder. The vegetables must be cooked well but not over cooked to the point that they lose their shape when mixed.

Now for the gravy grind the coconut pieces and green chillis with fresh curd to a fine semi solid paste.

In a wok add some coconut oil and when it warms up add curry leaves. Now add the boiled vegetables and the ground coconut -curd gravy. Mix them well with salt and bring it to a boil.( Don't over boil the mix as the curd content in it can disintegrate and spoil the aviyal.)

Now add a dash of cocnut oil and close the lid. Enjoy the Aviyal with steaming hot rice, it makes for a lovely combo. 
Also try Aviyal with adai (Pancakes made from Batter of Dal and Parboiled rice).It simply sizzles !!!!

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all"

So love , cook n enjoy !!!!