Saturday, July 10, 2010

Manga Thokku (Mango Thokku)

Manga Thokku is a sidedish or accompaniment that sizzles up any bland menu. It can be had with tiffin or eaten with rice and it never fails to pep up the mood. Two mangoes lying in the fridge for quite some time called for my attention. I set about making Manga thokku.

Ingredients- Mangoes, Urad Dal,White Til, Oil,Red chilli powder, salt


Wash the mangoes and cut it in to small pieces. Grind them to a fine paste. In a wok dry roast til seeds and urad dal to a golden hue. Once it cools off grind it in to powder and set aside.

Now in a wok pour oil liberally and once it starts getting warm add the ground mango paste and let it simmer for a while. Now add the powdered til and urad dal and keep stirring . When the oil starts separating from the mix add salt and red chilli powder and mix it well on a low flame.

Mango Thokku is ready for use.

To make it peppy and hot, let the red chilli powder be more than our normal taste levels. This zings up any dish and with time, the thokku will slowly start losing its chilli sting.

Store it in an airtight glass container and Enjoy!!!!

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