Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cheese and Corn Macroni ( Hubby Style )

Since i started blogging about my cooking adventures, let me tell you what my hubby made last Sunday. As usual the don't -feel- like -cooking bug bit me ( :P) . An advertisement in the paper about an Italian Eatery caught my fancy and we decided to check that out for lunch.

However TV acted as a spoil sport that day and my hubby decided to venture in to the kitchen and make Macroni and Garlic Bread.

One thing i should tell you all is that whilst he prepared the dish i was his Man Friday, saturday (:P), right hand (left hand)------:D. u get the drift !!!!

Ingredients--- Macroni, Corn , Cheese, Butter, Refined Flour/Maida, Milk

Preparation--- ----

Boil the macroni in a big vessel for 8- 10 minutes. Empty the hot water , add cold water and drain it. Toss it with oil, add boiled corn to it and keep aside.

In a heavy bottomed vessel add butter and as it melts add some refined flour/maida. This my hubby said was to give it a thickness. ( My hubby is a hotel managemnent graduate and he was high on the technical terms for such a mix. It is called as Roux (if u really want to know))

Next he boiled milk and added to the roux to make a white sauce. The milk came to a nice gravy to which he topped oregano, red chilli flakes, pepper.

This he finally mixed in to the corn cum macroni and spruced it with a sprig of basil leaf

To top it all he added a liberal dash of grated cheese and the dish looked scrumptuous

Now for the honours roll- u can see my daughter literally digging in to the yummy pasta

To appeal to our indian taste buds we added a dash of Tomato/Chilli Sauce then went for the dish forks n spoon !!!!

CHEF TAKE A BOW------------- :)

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